Kitchen Table Finish, A DIY project

To protect your furniture, you must add a finish to the wood.

Types of Finish

Oil Paint with Primer


When you decide to paint your dining room table, think about using a primer that isn’t the same as the paint. Many companies now advertise paint that already has primer in it, so you don’t have to mix it yourself.

Types of Finish



Lacquer is the finish that gives many Asian-themed or ultramodern furniture a very high gloss. In the beginning, it is very durable and resistant to damage. Over time, though, it can start to fade and get scratched.

Types of Finish



This finish is a natural substance (it is created by mixing a female lac insect secretion with a solvent such as alcohol) that is very safe once dried and hardened. Shellac is a surface finish that also lets wood have a high gloss finish and adds a layer of defense. It dries quickly, which can save you time.

Types of Finish



Polyurethane is thought of as a finish that gets into the wood. Wood furniture will have a finish that is satin or dull. Most experts say that you should mix it with another finish to get a better shine and more durable protection. This is a type of Varnish that is used to make things look better.which can save you time.

Types of Finish



Wax is a good choice if you want to look beautiful and shiny. This option is a surface finish that is usually mixed with oil because it doesn’t do anything for the wood on its own. It is usually used as a topcoat. It keeps the wood’s original color.

Types of Finish



Oils are a finish that will get into your dining table and make it look better. It’s a good idea to use them on wood because they have a natural and rich texture and color balance. Oils are preferred by many professionals because they can help bring out the natural beauty of wood.