Voion Galaxy light Projector Review

It’s no secret that a lot of children are afraid of the dark. There’s a strong probability you were one of them once upon a time if you have a pulse. Let’s face it: darkness may be terrifying for both children and adults. However, your children will need to sleep at some point, and a brightly lit room is not the best place to do it. Using a Voion Galaxy light Projector is one of the options.

A built-in nightlight can help prevent nightmares. What if you wanted to go in the opposite direction? In that case, a particularly designed night light will help you relax. It’s not just for kids. Any kid could do it to brighten up a dull space.

Many companies and brands provide fantasy star projectors on the market, and you’ll be perplexed about which one to choose.

So, to make things easier for you, we recommend the Voion Galaxy Light Projector, which is high-quality and reasonably priced. This product has fantastic value and features. If you want something with more style and functionality, then take a look at what we’ve mentioned above. In this review, we only provided the best products from top brands or inventors. A star projector for adults produces a pleasant, even romantic atmosphere when it is dark. So it’s a great substitute for lava lamps or candles. It not only provides the best nightlight for grownups, but it also provides a variety of possibilities. Use it as a baby’s sleeping light. We’ll go over what to look for in a nightlight as well as how to set it up to seem like a star. Also, how to set up the optimal room. Let the party begin!

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About Voion Galaxy light Projector

Voion Smart Star Galaxy Light Projector RGD Design

Bedroom Voion Galaxy light Projector:

Have you ever heard a youngster screaming in fear in the middle of the night around 3 a.m.? They may get angry and have problems concentrating as a result of their lack of sleep. A peaceful yet exciting Voion Galaxy light Projector might help your fearful youngsters relax and sleep soundly. At the same time, they pique their interest in science and space.

Turn Your Room Into A Planetarium Of World-Class Quality:

In the LED Galaxy Projector, there are 16.7 million different colors of nebula clouds, Aurora lights, and thousands of ceiling stars. It also has more than 30 different effects, so it can work together or on its own. With space projections, you can make your bedroom, game room, or home theater look romantic and colorful.

Control using a button, voice, or a smart app:

For basic control, press the button on the device. The phone’s APP/Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant is also supported by the Galaxy Night Light. It works on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. The APP allows you to simply change the light color, brightness, speed, and lighting sequences and set a timer. Voice controls are also available through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sync to Music/Silent Wave Motor/24-Hour Timer:

The 360-degree spinning dynamic projection can be adjusted to change the beat of the music. The nebula projector will sync to the music picked up by the microphone, and you can choose from six different music modes. With the 24-hour timer, you can schedule off any time after you fall asleep or schedule on in the morning. The sound made by the music is clear, and you don’t have to worry about it waking you up because it uses the latest noise reduction technology, which can create a calm and pleasant ambiance without generating a squeaky, horrible noise.

Coverage of 200 square feet and four angles to choose from:

The Voion Galaxy light Projector can entirely cover a 200-foot room’s ceiling. The estimated area grows in proportion to the distance traveled. You can choose from a variety of predefined landscapes, and you can also create your own colors based on your mood. You may choose the most appropriate angle for your needs from the four projection angles available to make the projection reach varied angles and ranges. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and other holidays and gatherings call for a fun present for youngsters.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Kitchen Aid Voion
Part Number‎SK23
Item Weight‎1.59 pounds (3.49 kg)
Product Dimensions‎6.38 x 2.38 x 6.38 inches
Item model number‎SK23
Assembled Height‎6.38 inches
Assembled Length‎6.38 inches
Assembled Width‎2.38 inches
Item Package Quantity‎1
Material‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Finish Types‎Lacquered
Voltage‎5 Volts
Specific Uses‎Indoor use only
Special Features‎Cordless
Shade Material‎Glass
Light Direction‎Adjustable
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Switch Style‎Push Button
Batteries Required?‎No
Type of Bulb‎LED


Power Input100~240V AC
Power Output<1 mW Per Beamlet
Classification of LasersClass 2
Work Temperature-10~40 ℃
Nebula ColorColorful, 450nm
Laser ColorGreen, 515~520nm
Shell MaterialFlame Retarding V0 Class ABS
Product Size6.38 * 2.68 * 6.38 inches
ApplicationIndoor( Home/Coffee/Bar )
Control ByAmazon Alexa, Google Home, App

Is there a difference between projectors for kids and adults?

The design of children’s projectors is frequently more stylized or whimsical. They can be designed to look like a spacecraft or a space shuttle, and they can use bright colors that can overwhelm your space. Adult projectors, on the other hand, have a more subdued and refined appearance. Adult-oriented models have more realistic screens and built-in speakers, as well as rechargeable batteries. That speaker allows you to play loud music when hosting a party or listen to music from your phone while falling asleep.

What is the best spot for a Voion Galaxy light Projector?

The best place to put up and use a galaxy projector is in the middle of your room. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have enough room. Voion has you covered with its dimensions of 6.5 inches by 4.75 inches, making it suitable for use on a typical sized desk. Most projectors require at least five to six feet between the projector and the wall or ceiling, and some require much more. Your images and displays will most likely be blurry or fuzzy if you don’t have enough space.

Is it possible to use a projector on any wall?

The best place to use star projectors is on white walls because they provide a clear backdrop that allows the images to shine. You can still use the star projector if your walls are dark, but you might want to stick with simple colors rather than animated or intricate presentations. It’s possible that you won’t be able to view all of the images and patterns. You can use a projection screen against one wall to use the projector.

What is the best way to operate a star projector?

Like a home planetarium, the starry sky projector works best in a dark atmosphere with only the television flickering. Depending on the occasion, the darkness, along with the light play of the projector, creates a relaxing or even romantic ambiance. This is especially useful on cold nights when you want to focus on a romance or children’s film as if you were snuggled under the stars.

What factors should you consider before selecting a star projector?


Look for projectors that are made of durable materials. In reality, to endure the chaos that products frequently face, the perfect star projector is composed of sturdy plastic or even metal.

Projection surface:

Make sure the projector covers the entire area.

Unique features:

The best star projector should have a variety of bonus features that you absolutely need.


The bulb used in the projector determines the brightness of the projected images as well as the projector’s lifetime. High-quality projectors employ LED lights, which are robust and long-lasting.


It should be easy to carry and operate your star projector from different places.

Power source:

Get a projector with an AC adapter that connects to the wall if you plan on using it all night or for an extended period of time. If you need a portable projector, opt for one that is battery-powered or includes a USB connector for charging.

My personal experience

I have searched for the perfect galaxy light for our bedroom. This one has everything! This is one of the better galaxy projectors I got. It made my previous one feel like a toy. This one creates a fluid motion and uses a laser to sprinkle the ceiling with stars. It actually feels like you’re staring into space and the galaxy. This is a very flexible and sophisticated star projector. With the phone app, you can change the pattern, speed, color, and time. It is also controllable with Alexa. A classic ceiling projector is now available with the latest technology.

Design and Shape:

I have looked and looked for the perfect projector, and I think this is it for me. It’s fully customizable. The shape is unique, so you can adjust the angle at which it projects. This design is perfect if you don’t have the projector placed in the middle of the room.

App-controlled feature:


It has an app, so you don’t need a remote and I can connect to the app. There are a lot of functionalities on the app that you can’t do with just the one button on the device, and the app control was the reason I picked this projector over all the others. The app was very easy to connect to. It’s nice to be able to just use your phone instead of having to keep an eye out for another remote.

Variety of functions:


You were able to choose your colors, the speed of the clouds, and whether to have the stars on or not. And you’re able to customize how many stars there are if you just want a few or an entire sky full! Although the only star color is green, I would’ve preferred blue. You do have the ability to turn them on and off. I have a setting right now that when it goes full stars!

If you’re looking for a fantastic galaxy projector, this is it!!! A classic ceiling projector is now available with the latest


  • The projection is fantastic.
  • A star projector with a lot of flexibility and sophistication.
  • The pattern, pace, color, and time can all be altered.
  • Alexa is able to control it.


  • It’s impossible to have just clouds and no stars.
  • There is no way to set a timer.
  • You can’t mix the colors the way I want them to.
  • With the stars turned on, you can scroll through the preset color options.
  • There are only stars and no clouds, and that’s all there is to it. being unable to turn off the stars.
  • There are no white stars in the sky; only green, red, and blue dot the horizon

People also ask (FAQ’s)

Is it safe to use galaxy lighting?

In fact, the Galaxy Projector is completely safe for use by both children and adults of all ages. It is built entirely of environmentally safe PLA, and it has received RoHS and CE certification to verify it.

Is this app compatible with any mobile phone? How far can I keep it under my control?

Yes, the APP is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There is no distance limitation once connected to the Internet.

Is there a maximum time limit on the timer, or can it be set for an unlimited period of time?

This projector has a timer function; for additional information, consult the user’s handbook. You can select a maximum time limit of 24 hours.

 Are these just various colored versions of the same star? Or can it project other images (for example, planets, galaxies, black holes, under the sea, or bugs)?

The stars stay the same color, but you may use the app to change the backdrop color of the stars. It’s incredibly lovely and soothing. Its color could be altered to any of 16 million colors, resulting in a variety of landscapes and situations.

Is it possible to point it at the wall or simply at the ceiling?

It can be addressed to either of them. There are four distinct projection angles to choose from, and you may modify the angle to attain different angles and ranges.

Is it just different hues of the same star? Or can it project other images (for example, planets, galaxies, black holes, under the sea, or bugs)?

The stars are the same, but they can be brightened or dimmed to make more or fewer appear. The colors of the nebula that surrounds the stars can be adjusted, but there are no planets. It’s both calming and lovely. The only thing I hope for is for the stars to be white rather than green.

How does this projector vary from the circular projector?

Both this and the circular projector can instantly light up your home theater or game area, giving you a unique visual experience. You can also operate the projector with an app, Alexa, or Google Home, freeing up your hands so you can start the smart warm night with a simple command while laying in bed in the dark. What’s the difference between the two? This one has the ability to sync with the music. The music gathered by the microphone will be synced to the nebula projector.

A kaleidoscope lens is generally used in round projectors to refract the light beam across the room. While providing a wider spread, the light is diluted, resulting in a loss of image quality (that is to say, they tend to be “lower tech”).

Multiple optical lasers (like those seen on a bar dance floor) flow via an adjustable aperture in this projector and others like it. That means you can control how wide the beam spreads as well as the angle at which it spreads. This approach produces photos that are crisper, brighter, and more stunning.

This model also has the advantage of being able to connect over WiFi, allowing you to control it from anywhere on your mobile device. Most competing projectors only have IR (infrared) remotes, which require you to hit a button on the remote while having a clear line of sight to the projector.

Do the stars appear to be white with no other colors projected?

The stars are green, but the nebula that surrounds them has lovely hues that can be modified.

Is it capable of recreating real-life sky views?

Answer: It’s more like a vista from space. Blue, green, and red are the primary hues on mine. I’ve never visited outer space, but it doesn’t appear to be particularly realistic. It adds a pleasant touch to your wall or ceiling with soft lights, whether it looks real or not.

What’s the secret to getting it to make shooting stars?

I’m afraid you won’t be able to program it to do shooting stars. The angle I put the laser at an offset surface is the only method I’ve been able to generate what appears to be a shooting star. It will appear to be a shooting star because it will collide with the elevated surface before colliding with the surface behind it. I’m not sure if it makes sense, but it seems like a shooting star to me.

What is the name of the Smartphone application? Is it correct to say that one of the photos depicts smart life? Thank you for your assistance! That is the correct app. Smart Living.

What gives the “stars” their green color? I’m unable to alter the hue. Help!

You can modify the color of the clouds but not the stars; they will always seem green.

Is it possible to leave this on for 8 hours?

Yes, it can be left on for as long as you wish.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on the Voion Galaxy light projector. With the functionality of the Voion Galaxy light projector, it’s sure to be a hit in any home! It is an amazing device that can transform any room into something like never before! If you’re looking for a new LED projector to add to your collection, then you should definitely check out the LED Galaxy Projector. We thought this would be a great product to share with our readers, and we hope that it can help them imagine the possibilities of being able to create such an amazing light show.

Voion Galaxy light Projector Review